Lateral Hires

Are you currently a Police Officer? 

Are you looking for a Department with opportunities for specialty positions, great salary & benefits, and the latest tools and equipment? 


Age & Education:

Applicants must be 21-35 years old (unless exempt from such age limitation as provided in Section 5/10-2.1-6 of the Act), U.S. citizen or have applied for U.S. citizenship at the time of application, and have a high school diploma or GED. 

Other Requirements:

Applicants must be of good moral character, sound health, no felony convictions, must be able to read and write the English language, must possess or be able to obtain a valid driver’s license without recent record of suspension or revocation in any state.


There is no residency requirement during the application process and probationary period, however at the end of the probationary period, officers must locate within the residency requirements stated in the agreement between the City of Pekin and the PBPA.

Employment with other Agency:

Applicants must currently be an officer in good standing in the police department in which the applicant serves, or previously served, and left a police department in good standing within six months of application for hire with the City of Pekin. 


Applicants must have completed a basic training program acceptable to the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board; or at least 3 years full-time police experience in the last 42 months if such experience is outside the State of Illinois. 


Applicants must have substantially equivalent skills and abilities as a City of Pekin post-probationary officer, and the applicant must pass such examinations as the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners deem necessary to determine the applicant’s fitness for duty as a police officer.

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