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Field Training Officer (FTO) Process


The Field Training Process consists of five different phases or "steps".  On Step 0 the new officer is fresh out of academy and rides with a sergeant for a week to get acclimated to their new career.  Once the first week is over they move on to Step 1.  For Steps 1, 2, and 3 the officer will spend six weeks on each shift with a Field Training Officer, with each Step consisting of a different shift.  Every three weeks the new officer will be assigned to a different Field Training Officer.  The tasks required of the officer increase in difficulty as they proceed through each Step.  Once the officer completes these Steps they move on to Step 4 or "Shadow."  The officer is assigned a Field Training Officer wearing plain clothes who observes the new officer as he handles calls.  This Step is often called "Shadow" due to the fact that the FTO's duty is to primarily observe the new officer and "shadow" them. 


Field Training Officer Organization Chart

FTO org chart.png
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